Artist Spotlight : Eddie Gold

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Meet Eddie Gold… DJ, Music Producer, & Six Feather’s Sponsored Artist. Eddie Gold has set the standard for working hard to manifest your dreams and standing out amongst the crowd. Coming from Miami, Florida Eddies career sky rocketed at the Jungle Nightclub during one of the legendary Iris Presents, LLC events, hosted by Glenn and Madeline Goodhand. Eddie took over the crowd instantantly, and played alongside some iconic figures in the local Atlanta EDM. He felt like this one event showcased what would be the beginning of his career as an award winning DJ & Producer, and he was right. Eddie credits a lot of his success to the support and love he’s recieved from the Iris Presents Family, who has set the standard for EDM culture in ATL by bringing us Believe Music Hall & the acclaimed Imagine Music Festival. This year Eddie Gold took over the Oceania Stage of Imagine Music festival and brought the house down with some of his new tracks including his new track “Invaders”. As a resident DJ/Producer for Believe Music Hall, you can catch one of his breathtaking sets as soon as this weekend. Eddie has become a crowd favortie amongst the local Atlanta EDM scene and is definitely a driving force for his brand and our flock as well. Recently named Creative Loafing’s Reader’s Choice for Best Local EDM Performer, Eddie is dedicated to his art and his fans, and it shows. Check out Eddies soundcloud and also check out all of Eddie Gold’s Official 6 Feather’s Artist Merchandise. #GOLDFAM We hope you enjoyed this week’s Artist Spotlight. Check us out every week for new things on the horizon. #FlockWithUs