Atlanta’s Favorite Dubstep DJ, Archmage, Drops New EP, SpaceForce

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If you’re looking for some of the best of Atlanta dubstep or possibly southeast dubstep, The Space Force EP delivers a wide variety of heavy sounds that take the listener through the foundation of the United States Space Force, the first conflict from an alien attack, and our eventual retaliation. Featuring tracks from Archmage, Captain Malik, Perma-Trip, ReKlaim, and Zubah. The Space Force EP captures styles that will captivate fans of riddim, brostep, hybrid, and deep dubstep alike. Basically there’s something for all lovers of Bass Music.

The EP Starts off with Archmage’s “Space Force Dubstep Anthem,” Which follows the foundation of the U.S. Space Force and provides old school brostep theme music for the new, 6th branch of the armed forces. Next is Perma-Trip’s “Dark Energy,” Which portrays an alien attack through high-energy riddim, using bright basses and even a surprise stylistic varience to keep the listener engaged. The third track is Zubah and Grav’s collab “Training Camp,” which portrays the U.S. Space Force in training for combat using Zubah’s signature riddim sound with arrangement and color from Grav. The fourth track is ReKlaim’s “Roughnecks”. He uses dark and sinister driving basses and clever samples that paint a picture for the listener of our Space Force being deployed into combat. The EP ends with Captain Malik’s “Smash the Base,” which uses deep and heavy sounds and mesmerizing rhythms, and depicts our Space Force’s retaliation on the aliens.

If you claim to be a fan of dubstep, this is not a compilation you’re going to want to miss out on! You can download the EP today for free at: