It is the pulse of a young artist, his desire to express, through any medium, be it a paint can, a microphone, a camera, poetry, skateboarding, or true canvas.

6 Feathers is street culture, it is the militant attitude it takes to succeed in an environment where the odds are stacked against you.

6 Feathers is the thirsty curiosity that young ears focus on, the sounds of a loud city. It is the eyes of a dynamic individual seasoned by style, color, and culture.

6 Feathers is the struggle of youth to define themselves in a culture that doesn’t recognize their way of life. We are a statement and a style. For us,

6 Feathers clothing represents quality, non-conformity and artistic expression in its truest form. I equivocate 6 Feathers into a culture by using a grassroots media style and sales technique as my artistic medium.

We are constantly interested in growing the brand with a surplus of creative ideas, talented recruits, and innovative artists to express our patrons sense of individuality.